Jennifer Saito

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I was born and raised in Northern California but I’ve called Japan my home since 2015. I live in Southern Japan with my husband, Koji, and our two dogs. I’m neurodiverse and dang proud of it.

I’ve written over 100 published articles for one of the most well-known live streaming companies in the world. My hobby? Seeing how many of my articles I can rank on Google’s Page One.


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I specialize in long-form content like blog posts, articles, and tutorials. That said, I’m also experienced in short-form content like social media posts, infographics, and marketing copy.

I can copyedit just about anything, from novels to white papers. I take pride in polishing the written word to perfection.

For translation, I do Japanese to English manga. I specialize in the yuri, slice of life, and shojo genres. 

I first came to Japan in 2005 on vacation and fell in love with the culture, food, and people. In 2011, I made it my goal to move to Japan. Four years later, I achieved it! Aside from the delicious food, my favorite thing about Japan is the kawaii bunka or “cute culture.”

I love the written word. I’ve had many interests and hobbies throughout my life but reading and writing has always been a constant. I used to write stories about my stuffed frog, Croaker, when I was little. From my love of books and coffee to my dedication to the Oxford comma, I’m a wordsmith through and through.

Up Close and Personal

More about me as a person

Wife and Dog Mom

My husband and I married in 2021 and though we don't speak the same native language, we get along like two peas in a pod. We enjoy spoiling our two dogs, Cookie and Milk, beyond measure.

Lifelong Learner


I love to learn! Within the past few years alone I taught myself how to build a PC, knit sweaters, sew my own clothes, and more. My love for learning new things enables me to write on a variety of topics.



Like most writers, I have a serious love for books. In 2019 I challenged myself to read over 100 books (I did, by the way!). I even had a "booktube" channel on Youtube!