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About the Project

In the completely ordinary town of Rose Valley, there is an extraordinary forest. For the past decade, for reasons no one can fathom, not a single soul has been able to enter the forest – until she comes along.

Mei has never been the main character of her own life. Even her younger sister outshines her in every way possible. All Mei has ever wanted was to be special, to be a part of something, and to reach the potential she knows she is capable of. So when Mei of all people is able to enter the mysterious forest, the question on her mind is: Why me?

When Mei discovers what lies inside the forest, will she choose to pursue the life of greatness she desires, no matter the cost?


Maybe 'destiny' isn't something that just happens - maybe you have to choose your destiny. So what will you do? Will you choose to be extraordinary?

I know I'm not your favorite person and to be honest, you're not mine either. But if you'll have me, I'll fight alongside you: as a friend, as an ally, as a sister.

Priya eats like a hobbit, I look like one, and well, you sort of act like one. No offense.

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