About the Project

Tess (real name, Esther) is a late 20’s girl living a fast-paced life in Sacramento, California as the manager of a car dealership. While she’s great at her job, she’s sick of getting screamed at by customers, whined at by her employees, and having no free time for herself. One day, she receives word that the grandmother she barely remembers has left her a cabin – in Montana of all places. Tess takes an impromptu trip to visit her grandmother, now bedridden in a nursing home, to ask her one question: Why?


As Tess gets to know her grandmother, known to everyone in the nursing home as “Hettie the Hellraiser,” she learns about herself too. Tess decides to extend her vacation and try out cabin life – but her grandmother’s cute nurse, Katy, has absolutely nothing to do with her decision. Nope. None at all.


Will Tess embrace her inner forest girl and follow in her grandmother’s footsteps? Will she be true to her own heart? Or will she find country life too difficult and return to the “normal” life she put on hold?

Quotes and Imagery

"Your grandma is teaching me how to crochet. She's quite the hooker."

"Hello Kitty talks? Impossible, she doesn't have a mouth."

Fun Facts

The love interest, Keika Grace Nakamura, is Japanese. Aspects of her culture and upbringing come up frequently throughout the book.


I had originally planned on calling this book, “Cottage to the Core.” However, it has come to my attention that a tv show of the same name is currently being filmed!

Tess and Katy as I imagine them

"Don't get me started on that book - queerbating at its finest. 'Bosom friends' and this and that. They should've called it "Anne of Green Gay-bles."

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