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Hi, I'm Jennifer Saito

Let's talk about the kind of content I create.

Content that Provides Value

When it comes to creating content, this is my number one rule. I don't create content for the sake of content. I want to give my readers value, not feed them useless fluff.

Content that Ranks Highly

Great content doesn't do your business any good if no one is reading it. My content is driven by keyword research and can compete with the best of the best.

Content that Builds Trust

Great content establishes your business as an authority and builds trust with the reader. Your business has their best interests at heart: it's my job to convey that.

I know this sounds cliché but...

I live to write.

I’m an experienced content writer with over 100 published articles. I was a writer for Streamlabs Desktop, a subsidiary of Logitech and one of the top live streaming companies in the world.

What Kind of Writer Am I?


I like speaking to my readers like they're people, not dollar signs. I often use "you" and "we" in my writing.


I like to make my readers think. Rather than tell them what they should do, I guide them into making decisions themselves.


I like to put myself in my reader's shoes. What problems are they facing and how can I help them?


I like writing content that gives value to the reader. I want my writing to inspire the reader to take action.

Brands I've Worked With

I'm an American citizen currently based in Japan.